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Today, the opportunities of the digital world are increasing and exponential.

The techniques of image capture and processing have evolved considerably in recent years .

Convinced of the value represented by these technological advances, mixing art, technology and interactivity, o ur company is specialized in innovative shots, very high resolution.



The drone is today an essential tool of the shooting.

Very experienced, our pilots will know how to determine the fundamental and necessary frames to the enhancement of the object of your project.

Our post production team, composed of professionals of the video editing as well as the sound and musical producing, will be able to adapt as close to the requirements of your project, in order to give you a document of optimal quality.

Our drone business is in strict accordance with the legislation in force. Indeed all our aircraft are registered and approved by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

In the same way, all our pilots have the authorizations and diplomas required for this activity   :   :

Ultra light motorized aircraft pilot's license in accordance with the order of 4 May 2000 No. 349577 issued by the Ministry of ecological and solidarity transition . 

Number of aircraft operators Unmanned ED6992 issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation


Virtual Tour

Visit a place from his Smartphone, his tablet, his screen or his VR helmet. Move, zoom, display photos, videos, infos, explore every detail. This is what the virtual tour allows .

The current technology, both hardware and software has evolved considerably and allows to represent the entirety of a place with optimal quality without increasing the loading time .

We intervene locally, closer to you, your project.

We manage everything from A to Z, from shooting to hosting your virtual visit or integrating it into your site.

We favor quality, working with cameras and photo lenses in very high definition.

All our virtual tours benefit from a neat and adapted musical producing.

By its interactivity, the virtual tour allows a total immersion with a precision and a level of detail unequaled .


Real Estate Premium Medias

All our skills at the service of real estate professionals   :

the Movies   : Movies of two minutes or more

The shooting of the inner sequences, in stabilized cameras, proposes an aesthetic progression through the principal parts of the estate, thus offering a right appreciation of volumes, perspectives and points of view.

The shooting of the shots outside is done by drones. The use of drones does not mean the capture of aerial images. Our small drones are programmed to film at eye level, allowing immersion in spaces, lights and atmospheres


Virtual tours   :

High definition HDR panoramas.

Zoom 800% without loss of sharpness.

Plane insertion, one or multi-level.

Many customization options.


Our services to real estate therefore offer a real immersion in the property.

This is not only an innovative presentation, but a considerable time saver, a real tool for sales support , the triggering of the effective visit.


Musical producing

We pay special attention to the musical producing in our films and virtual tours.

We work closely with the agency Pamplemouss ( ), an agency specialized in Sound and Music Design.

All works used on our films and virtual tours are composed specifically.

Copyright management.

Synchronization to the image.

Voice Off option.


Vidéo 01

Vidéo 01

Balade autour de la Baie de St jean de Luz, Ciboure.

Balade autour de la Baie de St jean de Luz, Ciboure.

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